Start and finish are located at Wynne High School stadium, with plenty of parking.

Laid out along the scenic highway at the base of Crowley's Ridge overlooking expanses of Delta farmland. The course is a mix of flat and rolling terrain. The elevation at the start/finish line is 270 feet above sea level. The lowest point is 230 feet. The highest point is 350 feet. The rest of the course is very light rolling terrain.

The first mile is flat. The largest hill of the race starts at mile 1, climbs for 1/2 a mile and ends at mile 2. You won't feel it leaving, but you will on your way back. The 5k will turn around just past this and begin their sprint back to the school.

From mile 2 to mile 5, the course is flat. At mile 5, you will cross Highway 64 via a traffic control point, turning north on Hwy 163 (Crowley's Ridge National Scenic Byway).

If you are doing the Half Marathon, you will travel about a mile and a half to an orange barrel in the middle of the road and then turn around and head back via the same route. The half turn-around will have a split time mat in the North bound lane that will record your splits as you cross it.

Marathoners will remain on this road and turn around at mile 13. This section on Hwy 163 is a beautiful 2-lane road. Crowley’s Ridge lies just west of the road and Mississippi River Delta lies to the east. This section rolls the entire way. The grade is gentle, but there is tons of 1/4 and 1/2 mile rises and falls with elevation changes of 20 to 45 ft. They don't make you huff and puff, but the course is not pancake flat.

There will be minimal traffic on the course due to the race falling at the end of Harvest, and on the same day as a Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Youth Deer Hunt. Our local law enforcement do a great job at keeping the traffic minimal, however do be aware of your surroundings at all times.

The route will be extremely well-marked and loaded with volunteers. Food, drink, medical care, safety crew volunteers, and entertainment will be available at frequent stations along the way. We have multiple ambulance services, nurses, and medical professional's roving the route throughout the day.

Aid stations greet you approximately every mile. Each is staffed with water, Gatorade, chips, fruit, salt, snacks, petro jelly, and a port-o-potty. We do not stock any OTC medications or pain relievers.